The sole of a champion.

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Sport Ultra Black/Red

Performance with a style fit for the runway

Made from ultra-light, yet highly durable hand-tooled cowhide leather, the Sport Ultra series gives you the performance, versatility, and comfort you need, with a style that tells everyone else on the lanes you mean business. Interchangeable heels and soles let you adjust the level of slide to the approach conditions.

• Hand tooled cowhide leather build

• Interchangeable sole and heel

• Kevlar rubber traction sole

• DuPont Kevlar toe cap

• Vented inner soles

• Includes 3 soles (deer skin, back skin and chrome leather)

• Includes 3 heels (flat normal, rippled, and back skin)

Sport Ultra Gold/Black
Sport Ultra Black/Red Men’s
Sizes: 7-12, 13 (D width)
SKU: SU300 (RH); SUL300 (LH)

Sport Ultra Teal/Purple
Sport Ultra Teal/Purple Women’s

Sizes:  5-11 (B width)
SKU:  SU400 (RH)

Sport Ultra Blue/Black
Sport Ultra Blue/Black Men’s

Sizes: 7-12, 13 (D width)
SKU: SU200 (RH)

Organized from the most amount of slide to the least, the Sport Ultra series’ interchangeable heels and soles give you the ultimate in versatility and performance, letting you adjust your shoes rather than your game. The Sport Ultra series comes with four different sole materials, three cleat sets, three heels and a replaceable Kevlar toe cap. Additional soles and heels are available to customize your slide even further.

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Chrome Leather Sole

Chrome Leather Sole

Deer Skin

Deer Skin Sole

Back Skin Sole

Back Skin Sole

Sport Ultra Carry Bag

Sport Ultra Carry Bag

Flat Heel

Flat Heel

Rippled Heel

Rippled Heel

Back Skin Heel

Leather Heel

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