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Classic Pro Black/Black

The ultimate in value and versatility

Take your game to the next level with the versatility of interchangeable soles at a price point that won’t break the bank. Durable and comfortable, the Classic Pro series is the perfect entry point for bowlers who understand that the approach is just as important as the release.

• Synthetic leather build

• Interchangeable sole

• Hardened rubber toe cap

• Vented inner soles

• Includes 1 sole

Classic Pro Black/Black
Classic Pro Black/Black Men’s

Sizes:  6-12, 13 (D width)
SKU:  CP100 (RH), CPL100 (LH)

Classic Pro Black/Blue/Silver
Classic Pro Black/Black Men’s

Sizes:  6-12, 13 (D width)
SKU:  CP200 (RH)

Classic Pro White/Pink/Black
Classic Pro White/Pink/Black Women’s

Sizes:  5-11 (B width)
SKU:  CP300 (RH), CPL300 (LH)

Organized from the most amount of slide to the least, the Classic Pro series’ interchangeable soles give you versatility, letting you adjust your shoes rather than your game. The Classic Pro series comes with one sole. Additional soles are available to customize your slide and grow your game.

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Deer Skin

Deer Skin Sole

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3G shoes are available at pro shops worldwide, where knowledgeable, experienced representatives can ensure you get the right shoes for your skill level and bowling style.